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Learn More About the Circle Me Program

Circle Me

Circle Me is a program within the TK Foundation with the mission of improving the social, moral, physical and mental well-being of young teens. We impart information and skills that educate and promote leadership, accountability, health wellness and a well-rounded productive and happy citizen Our aim is to circle the individual with love and enrich his/her quality of life. Our goal is to ensure that every teen reaches their highest potential. “ME” is in our program name to solidify the power of healing and learning to be accountable for “me”, so that we all can ultimately be able to help others.

We value every individual and we intentionally will have heightened focus on meeting the program goals below:


Articulation, speech and conversing skills for the 21st century.


Do’s and Don’ts: What’s appropriate and what’s not


Engaging & empowering, young ladies and young men to face life changes.


Preparation, embracing and jump starting into higher education.

Health & Wellness:

Healthy and active lifestyle.

The TK Foundation runs background checks and drug screenings for any mentors involved in the foundation’s mentorship programs.

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