Pro basketball player & Tampa native, Tarence Kinsey, helps mentor hometown kids

Tampa, Florida– Tarence Kinsey stood in front of a few dozen kids at the Boys and Girls Club in Tampa and delivered a message he hopes sinks in quickly.

“Don’t try to believe everything that’s on TV,” the 2002 Jefferson High School graduate said. “Listen to your parents. Respect everyone.”

They’re words to live by for an audience that needs to hear it.

Kinsey is a Tampa native and professional basketball player. The game he loves had taken him from the University of South Carolina, to Memphis and Cleveland in the NBA, and overseas to Spain, Italy and Turkey.

In 2009, he created the Tarence Kinsey Foundation. Its goal is to “strive to equip teenagers with assistance in the classroom and life skills to help them become well-respected individuals”. His hope is that he can help get children from this area to co